Crosman AirSource 1077 adapter upgrade kit

Crosman AirSource 1077 adapter upgrade kit
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400 SHOTS PER CYLINDER! This kit allows you to use the Airsource 4 oz. bottles for your 1077. Fits right in where your CO2 cartridge goes. Includes adapter, black cylinder cover and one 4oz. cylinder. Enhance the performance of your 1077 CO2 air rifle. The exclusive AirSource 1077 adapter fits into the existing Powerlet port, allowing you to easily switch back and forth from Powerlets to Airsource. When you upgrade your 1077 to an Airsource 1077 you'll get: Increased Accuracy More consistent velocity Up to ten times the number of shots compared to standard 12g Powerlet. Will only work on 1077's made after 1999 To determine if your gun was manufactured after 1999, simply look at the serial number stamped on the bottom of the triggerguard. The first three or four digits of your serial number indicate when the gun was manufactured. For example, if your gun was made in June of 1999, then the first three digits would be 699. If it was manufactured in December of 1999 the first four digits would be 1299 or it might start with a letter, D99